The Power of the Blockchain. Simplified.

File and data immutability solution utilizing the public blockchain.

  • Powerful
    100% certainty of authenticity for all files and records, with unchangeable backups.
  • Essential
    Inoculation from internal bad actors, hackers, or malware changing or deleting files.
  • Easy
    Easy to use, fast to install, affordable, non-intrusive, all tech infrastructures.

What is RigidBit?

RigidBit is a self-contained micro-blockchain that runs locally at the customer’s business and synchronizes with public blockchains.



RigidBit uses decentralization only where it is necessary and effective. Sensitive user data never leaves the client site, resulting in a 99.99% cost reduction, and completely removing of any possibility of accidental data leakage or NDA contract breach.



Each independent node can easily be connected to other nodes, forming a unique web of trust. A process known as “double pegging” is used to extend the web of trust to public blockchains, retaining their full strength and benefit without the cost.



RigidBit can be installed like any other standard piece of software. Blockchain specialists and programmers are not required, but a full API is available for those who wish to build on top of RigidBit as a platform.

Why Public Blockchains?

Public blockchains use peer-to-peer replication to place copies of the entire blockchain on tens of thousands of computers around the world. An attempt to corrupt historic data would require that same change also occur simultaneously on the majority of computers in the network, making it a virtual impossibility.

Data is added to the chain in groups of records known as “blocks”. Each block contains the data to be preserved, a cryptographic fingerprint for the data, a timestamp, and a cryptographic reference to the previous block, creating a “chain”. Attempting to change a block after inclusion will result in a fingerprint mismatch invalidating the entire chain.

Public blockchains are the single most resilliant data structure known to man.

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RigidBit is Easy


All Environments

Can be installed on nearly all computers, laptops, and servers.


Fast Installation

Typically an hour or less, no coding required.



Does not interfere with existing tech infrastructure and operation.


Easy to Use

For weekly reporting and ad-hoc analysis or validation.


Low Cost

A small fraction of solutions claiming similar benefits.


Highly Secure

Data is never stored in cloud servers, eliminating any possibility of accidental exposure.

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