Blockchain Enable Your Business

RigidBit is the most easy and inexpensive way for your product or business to become blockchain enabled.

Easy Integration

RigidBit is designed to integrate into your existing projects and workflows so you can get started as fast as possible.

No Coding Required

RigidBit does not require you to write code or hire expensive blockchain developers. Your blockchain will be up and running in minutes.

Lower Costs

RigidBit is designed to keep costs low by minimizing the amount of public blockchain transactions required.

Increase Auditability

RigidBit provides absolute provability and accountability at levels that were unattainable before the advent of the public blockchain.

What is RigidBit?

RigidBit is a micro-blockchain that runs on your server and synchronizes with public blockchains. This hybrid public/private approach provides an easy and inexpensive way to attach your files and data to a blockchain.

Prove Data Authenticity

Any data you put in your blockchain is frozen in time using cryptographic signatures. This gives 100% certainty of authenticity that your data has not been altered since inclusion.

Keep it Simple

Software should be powerful, but it should also be easy to use and unobtrusive. RigidBit stays out of your way so you can focus on your business, not the technology that powers it.

Stay Secure

Sensitive user data never leaves the client site, resulting in a 99.99% cost reduction, and completely removing of any possibility of accidental data leakage or NDA contract breach.

Enterprise Security

Almost everyday we see new headlines about cybersecurity breaches at the largest corporations in the world. This is just what you hear about. Most compromises are not reported or go completely undetected.

RigidBit can aid the battle by guaranteeing that your most valuable information cannot be altered without detection. It is possible to establish irrefutable real-time proof of integrity for virtually any amount of data.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts and disagreements will inevitably arise anywhere where two parties interact. A unified platform can end the finger pointing in situations by giving both parties a single history of events. However, there is a conflict of interest when one of the parties has exclusive control over the platform since data can easily be modified.

RigidBit integration gives absolute proof that data was not changed after the fact by any authoritative party. The public blockchain is used in place of a trusted third party, eliminating the possibility of manipulation and the headaches of finger pointing.

Insider Threat Mitigation

Insider fraud is a constant risk for all companies and cost businesses hundreds of billions of dollars per year. As businesses expand and integrate with external networks and services, the attack vector increases since they are unable to control data endpoints.

RigidBit can integrate with third-party services to passively secure and backup your data. In the event of unauthorized tampering, event triggers can be setup to alert your team to investigate and revert your data back to a clean state.

Proof of Compliance

GDPR is the start of what will eventually be worldwide changes in the way user data is protected. The rules are strict, compliance is difficult, penalties are high, and proving successful compliance can be nearly impossible.

RigidBit integration ensures that all actions taken can be proven to have occurred during the dictated timeframes, eliminating any questioning of the legitimacy of internal records. This also opens an unprecedented level of transparency into internal auditing divisions, giving them absolute insights to address any process shortcomings before a problem snowballs.

Data Breach Management

Successful mitigation of attacks requires proactive cybersecurity approaches. Data must be audited to insure that digital assets remain secure. Maintaining a consistently high level requires continuous verification of data.

RigidBit offers a scalable approach to auditing using real-time verification. The high level of efficiency in the system makes it cost effective to secure all of your data without having to pick and choose.

Trustless Third-Party Assurance

The top companies of the world lose billions of dollars every year to fraud, non-compliance, and security breaches. Often times the problem isn’t with the company itself, but with contractors and third-parties. Every single third-party company promises that they, and everyone who works for them, are completely trustworthy, but history shows this isn’t the case.

RigidBit delivers proof, not promises. This is difference between claiming your processes are secure, and proving your processes are secure.

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