The Power of the Blockchain. Simplified.

File and data immutability solution utilizing the public blockchain.

  • Powerful
    100% certainty of authenticity for all company files and records, with unchangeable backups.
  • Essential
    Inoculation from internal bad actors, hackers, or malware changing or deleting files.
  • Easy
    Easy to use, fast to install, affordable, non-intrusive, all tech infrastructures.

Increase Auditability

RigidBit provides absolute provability and accountability at levels that were unattainable before the advent of the public blockchain.

Easy Integration

RigidBit is designed to integrate into your existing workflow so you can focus on your business without downtime or disruption.

No Coding Required

RigidBit does not require you to write code or hire expensive blockchain developers. Your blockchain will be up and running in minutes.

Lowered Costs

RigidBit is designed to keep costs low by minimizing the amount of public blockchain transactions required.


What is RigidBit?

RigidBit is a self-contained blockchain that provides an easy and inexpensive way to attach your files and data to a blockchain.

Prove Your Data Validity

Any data you attach to the blockchain is frozen in time using cryptographic signatures. This gives undeniable proof that your data existed at a specific date and time, and that it has not been doctored.

Keep it Simple

Software should be powerful, but it should also be easy to use and unobtrusive. RigidBit stays out of your way so you can focus on your business, not the technology that powers it.

Local Data + Public Blockchain = Win!

All your valuable data secured in a local blockchain, while synchronizing with a public blockchain. This means your data remains local and is never transmitted over the internet. This results in dramatically lower costs while retaining the benefits of public blockchains.

Business People

Who Should Use RigidBit?

Any individual or business with important documents can benefit from using RigidBit.

Attorneys and Legal Practitioners

RigidBit is essential for all legal fields. The validity of a single important legal document can make or break a case. RigidBit can provide a level of trust that is completely undeniable.

Business Owners

Any business that has important contracts and records can benefit. It's so easy to change digital items that documents can be called into question. RigidBit gives absolute proof that your records are legitimate.


Do you have a marital agreement or will? Did you sign a contract? Did you buy or sell an expensive piece of property? Do you keep a digital journal containing any form of important information? Almost any individual can benefit from RigidBit.

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